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/// ART / ABS (book project)

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We did this project in the 2. semester of our Communications Design studies at HTW Berlin. The task in layout / typography class was — to make a book. What we made of it: This book contains the first 19 articles of the German constitution, which are also known as the basic rights. We noticed that nearly everybody has a version of our constitution at home, but nobody actually knows, what is written in there, at least when it comes to more than the first two or three articles. There might be several reasons for this, but we found that one of the most important ones is the terribly boring typography combined with very hard to read legal texts. Since we found it very important for everybody to know about their basic rights, we decided to try to make them more interesting an pleasant to read. We tried to structure the existing texts and put the focus on their actual meanings, to make them readable and understandable for everyone. We did not change the content (since it is a legal text) we only changed its apearance. In about 4 months of hard work we finished this book of about 140 pages, containing all 19 articles of the German basic rights, each page and article structured and styled carefully by hand. Thanks to our teacher Christian Hanke for his great input, support and motivation. We are looking forward to your feedback!
  • /// ART / ABS
  • A book project by Ron Lipkowski & Peter Rudolph

    We are looking forward to your feedback!

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