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Newspaper illustrations | Objektiv

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Newspaper illustrations for Dnevnikov Objektiv. Recieved Art Directors Club New York Merit Award (ADC 92, 2013), and Brumen Grand Prix 2013 Editors: Samo Ačko, Miran Lesjak
  • Newspaper Illustrations for Dnevnikov Objektiv
    Dnevnik is Slovenian second biggest newspaper.
    Illustrations like this became possible with the new art director of the newspaper - Samo Ačko.
    Main editor of Dnevnikov Objektiv: Miran Lesjak
  • Our collection of 5 covers recieved Merit Award at Art Directors Club New York 2013, 
    92th ADC, Miami
  • Our collection of 18 covers, recieved the “Grand Prix” - Big Brumen Award,
    and Brumen award in category “covers”

    6th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications 2013, National Gallery, Ljubljana
  • Bloodsuckers and dental tourism - teeth for a price of a car
    Illustration on the topic of expensive dental work in Slovenia & emerging dental tourism
    March 10th, 2012
  • Let's go to the Moon, let's go to the Mars - The problem of loosing weight in space
    About Slovenian reasearch programme.
    (The three stars, their position and colors are taken from Slovenian coat of arms.)
    October 1st, 2012
  • Indecisiveness and vagueness
    Survey: what our politicians dare to tell us
    November 26th, 2012
  • Illustration on the topic of hate speech
    that the defeated party used to describe the winning option voters labeling them as the new citizens - immigrants dressed in sweatsuits.
    December 17th, 2012
  • European Capital of Culture
    Illustration on the topic European Capital of Culture, Maribor 2012, event that has failed misserably...
    January 14th, 2012
  • Cancellation of Ministry of Culture Republic of Slovenia.
    (Logotype of the ministry was left unchanged, with the exception of the second comma.)
    February 11th, 2012
  • Illustration on theme of Slovene xenophobia and erased citizens, now illegal citizents
    from an article:
    “They told me I am now a foreigner and have to return to my country to arrange my documents. The lady behind the small window took my identity card and cut it with scissors on half. There was war in Bosnia. I didn't have any place left to go.”
    February 25th, 2012
  • Integrity and politics - Being truthfull isn't a virtue of the politicians
    (Illustration about certificate forgery of one Slovene politician).The whole cover was done by hands.
    March 17th, 2012
  • Titanic - 100 Years 
    cake baked by: Tjaša Zajc
    April 14th, 2012
  • Expulsion of Greece from the Euro zone
    May 19th, 2012
  • “No one should know we gave anything, cause it would invite others.”
    Charity in Slovenia
    June 16th, 2012
  • “The archbishop on a business trip”
    (Vatican deportation of a Slovene archbishop)
    After the second world war, the entire island Goli otok was made into a high-security, top secret prison and labor camp run by the authorities of FPR Yugoslavia. Vatican was allways critical about it. Now they are taking similar steps.
    July 28th, 2012
  • When Slovenia asks for financial aid from EU
    BTW: The map of Slovenia resembles the shape of a fully grown hen.

    Thanks: to Kapetan and Zoran Srdić Janežič
    September 1st, 2012
  • USA in the grip of forces of continuity
    USA after 2012 presidential elections
    November 10th, 2012
  • Political and financial crisis in Slovenia
    December 21st, 2012
  • Corruption in Slovenia
    quote, author of the original design concept: Jani Bavčer, agency: Studio Marketing
    January 12th, 2013
  • Majority voting system
    A bait for big fish
    February 2nd, 2013
  • Papal conclave | Where there's smoke, there's hell
    March 13, 2013.
  • Money laundry of one political party
    page 23 illustration, March 23rd. 2013
  • TV advertising of junk food
    page 5 illustration, 25. 5. 2013
  • Promotion of Junk Food
    May 25th, 2013
  • Promotion of Junk Food
    May 25th, 2013
  • Promotion of Junk Food was awarded Gold award
    at 4th ICMA - international creative media award, 2013 in category Visualisation

    ICMA, International Editorial-Design & Research Forum, Germany
  • On the 5th of June 2013 the former prime minister Janez Janša (also know as J),
    is convicted of corruption and sentenced to two years in prison.
  • The President of the Republic of Slovenia
    June 29th, 2013
  • New spirituality / How to create something from nothing
    July 27th, 2013
  • New spirituality / How to create something from nothing (inside illustration)
    July 27th, 2013
  • Pope sacks two more Slovenian archbishops
    August 3rd, 2013
  • When the Ministry of health is working for insurance companies
    October 12th, 2013
    (rejected proposal)
  • Supplementary health insurance, insurance companies and Ministry of health Republic of Slovenia
    October 12th, 2013
  • Ministry of Insurrances (a part of topic: Supplementary health insurance,
    insurance companies and Ministry of health Republic of Slovenia
    page 15 illustration, October 12th, 2013
  • Resignation of Anti Corruption Commission of Republic of Slovenia
    page 2 illustration, 30th October 2013
  • Functional literacy in Slovenia
    14th December 2013
  • Slovenian New Years Eve...
    28th December 2013
  • Grand Prix” - Big Brumen Award, and Brumen award in category “covers”
    6th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications 2013, National Gallery, Ljubljana
  • ICMA - (International Creative Media Award)
    Gold Award in category Visualisation for Live/Evil newspaper illustration
  • The Crimea Crisis
    “Zemljo krast” is an old slovenian child game called “Stealing land”
    22nd March 2014
  • Cooks from the same book
    About Easter reconciliation between Catholics and Orthodox.
    They celebrate this Easter on the same date.
    19th March 2014
  • Bread And Games...
    Excessive spending on the FIFA World Cup 2014, 
    while millions of Brazilians struggle with poverty.
    18th April, 2014
  • Jail time
    3rd May, 2014
  • The best neighbor
    a Croatian firm just acquired slovene biggest retailer Mercator,
    also know by its slogan “Mercator, the best neighbor”
    5th July, 2014
  • New hope - Slovenia after another early elections
    »So, can we now finally go on a vacation?«
    19th July, 2014
  • Stress tests. I know why.
    Our biggest bank NLB failed the “stress tests” again,
    and is facing another recapitalization from the tax-payers.
    (NLP means UFO in slovene)
    30th October 2014
  • Crisis of Slovene political parties
    8th November 2014
  • Festival of Media Culture & Trends
    Visual commentary at the start of festival of journalism in Slovenia.
    20th November 2014
  • Price of Slovenian state administration
    13th December 2015
  • Cybercrime
    Despite all the issues with growing cybercrime, weak passwords are still widespread.
    “123456” and “password” are still the most common by far.
    3rd February 2015
  • Charlie Hebdo visual comment
    17th January 2015
  • The way how modern industry works
    7th March, 2015
  • About safety at work and much more worrying stuff
    28th March, 2015

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