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CUTUP magazine

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CUTUP magazine. final project at "bezalel academy of design".
  • Cutup magazine
    magazine\editorial design
  • "when you cut the present the future leaks out" w.s.burroughs

    My final project at "bezalel academy of design".
    three magazine that use cutups of image and text from the year 2012
    to fortell the future.

    The premise behind the project was taking w.s. burrough's theory that by randomly reaaranging text and image form the present one can get clues 
    and insights into the future.

    the project consists of three magazine bound by a vaccume cover, the cover exhibits the information to be cut while the cutup takes place inside the magazine.

    each magazine is a cutup of the former magazine except for the first which uses the "real" data from 2012.

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